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03 Mar

3 Fairy Tales About Iron Doors

Don’t be fooled by what you might hear from people who have little or no experience with Iron Doors. As with any important addition to your home be sure to get all your questions answered. If you look for answers in the wrong places you could end up with a real mess on your hands.

Here are 3 common myths that homeowners hear time and time again. Let’s debunk them all!

Myth #1 – There is No Difference in Quality between Paint and Powder Coat

Liquid paint usually requires the use of bondo additives, which will not stop rust, and tends to chip, peel, and/or crack in very short time when exposed to high temperatures and windy environments. A powder coated finish, like that used with all 1st Impression Doors, helps create an evenly covered surface to prevent the metal from interacting with other materials and with the immediate environment. This is a great way to stop corrosion and rust in its tracks.

Myth #2 – “Made in the USA” is the same as “100% American Made Steel Product”

NOT TRUE! Of course, you’ll want to order your door from an American manufacturer. But beware of inferior quality foreign imports from companies who claim to be ‘USA Made’ when what they mean is ‘Assembled’ locally from standard door frames and materials made overseas and shipped into the USA. You’re safe with 1st Impression Ironworks as every door is a 100% American made steel product, custom made in our Gilbert, Arizona facility just for you.

Client meeting with a First Impression Ironworks Design Consultant in her home

Myth #3 Iron Doors are Difficult to Maintain

NOT TRUE! Contrary to what some may believe, your custom high-quality iron door from 1st Impression is VERY easy to maintain. With a bucket of soapy water, a lint free cloth, and commercial glass cleaner, you can properly maintain the beauty of your custom Iron Door for decades without dealing with the warping issues of a typical wood door. Click here to find out more on how to maintain the beauty of your Iron Door for many years to come.

There are plenty of myths about iron doors out there, but most of them are false. An iron door is a great way to transform your home inside and out. If you would like to learn more, give us a call at 844-476-6100 to discover the truth before making your final decision.