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When choosing an Iron Door for your home, you have one very distinct choice to make right up front: Are you willing to risk ordering a door from a company that may actually get your door from an overseas supplier using inferior steel and welds? They may tell you that your door is ‘Made in the USA’ when actually it’s assembled here locally from parts gathered from various resources around the globe.  Or you may be told that it’s custom made for your home, when actually, that door is on a shelf in inventory – sitting in their warehouse here or overseas – and then delivered to you hoping that it fits your exact specifications of the opening in your home. 

Think back to a time when you bought a dress or that pair of pants that never fit correctly and needed to be altered.  You wore them but were never really satisfied with the way they looked.  Every time you put them on, you regretted purchasing them.  Buying an off the shelf door will leave you just as dissatisfied but making alterations at that point is painful and costly.  

Every Iron Door designed, built and delivered by 1st Impression Ironworks is handcrafted right here in our Arizona facility to the EXACT specifications of your door opening. The entire process from design to fabrication to shipment is handled by 1 manufacturer and not ” farmed out” to other business or subcontractors. The results: consistency, control and quality is guaranteed.

Door Shape

Door Swing

Iron Door Terminology

  • Rough Opening: Width and Height dimensions of the opening in the framework of the home required to install a complete door unit.
  • Threshold: The bottom sill of the door unit that along with the door sweep provides an insect and moisture barrier.
  • Door Sweep with Rainguard: A material attached to bottom of door that lays atop the threshold, provides an insect and water barrier.
  • ADA Threshold: Optional low profile threshold that meets ADA guidelines.
  • Sill Plate: A metal plate that covers the gap between the entry door threshold/stoop and the door frame
  • Weather Stripping: Polyurethane foam used to create a seal around door to minimize heat or cold exchange
  • Transom: A fixed piece of decorative glass placed atop the doorway
  • Sidelite: Side panels beside a door which can be filled with glass or iron artwork
  • Inactive Door: In a double door unit, a non-active door that is secured with flush bolts, but can be opened as needed.
  • Flush Bolt: A bolt that is flush with the face or edge of the door when retracted used for double doors to secure inactive door.
  • Lockset: The complete handle-set including deadbolt lock to secure the door
  • Tempered Glass: Also called safety glass, it has been heated and cooled so that it shatters into small pieces when broken.
  • Dual Pane Glass: 2 pieces of glass with space between and sealed with rubber in order to minimize heat and/or cold transfer.
  • Swing-in: A door which opens inwards and into the house. May be a right-hand or left-hand swing.
  • Swing-out: A door which opens outwards and towards the outside of the house. May be a right-hand or left-hand swing.
  • Hinged Left: The door is hinged on left side from exterior view of home.
  • Hinged Right: The door is hinged on right side from exterior view of home.
  • Pick guard: Welded sold steel plate at the deadbolt to prevent tampering of lock.
  • Casing: Steel piece around door to serve as decorative trim on either interior and/or exterior of home.
  • Roller catches: Underspring tension rollers that help to secure a door that has iron handles
  • Wrought Iron: The art and craft of welding various types of iron into ornamental, decorative, and functional items.
  • Stoop Cover: Decorative aluminum cover for stoops
  • Glass Latches: Latches that secure hinged glass in place on the interior of a door
  • Kickplate: Decorative bordered plate at bottom of door
  • Metal Mesh Screen: Perforated metal screen used in place of a fabric mesh screen in order to provide added security
  • Bullet Hinges: Welded bullet hinges used for added longevity and security
  • Pneumatic Door Closer: Heavy duty adjustable self-closing functionality for a security door
  • One Way Bolts: These Lag bolts are designed for added security that increase the difficulty of removing a Security Screen Door once installed
  • Wreath Peg: Small peg protruding from door to hold wreath or decorations to the front of the door
  • Pre-Phosphate wash: A high pressure phosphate wash used to remove oil and debris prior to powder coating for better adhesion and longevity.
  • Powder-coat: A polyester based powder applied through an electrostatic process and baked onto iron to provide a beautiful and longer lasting finish.