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Do you ship to all 50 states?
1st Impression Ironworks will ship your Door to anywhere in the continental United States except Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska.

How long have you been in business?
We’ve been building custom design iron doors since 1995 in Gilbert Arizona.

What is your reputation?
We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also licensed, bonded and insured. ROC #318583 and ROC #318584.

What form(s) of shipping do you use?
FII has partnered with the industry’s largest and most trusted LTL freight carriers to ensure that your door is handled with care and tracked the entire way to your desired location.

How long do shipments take to get to my location?
Freight delivery times can vary depending on your location. Most deliveries take a minimum of 7 days to arrive.

How does the delivery process work?
You’ll be contacted by our Customer Care team representative about a day and time for your delivery. Freight shipments will be delivered either curbside or in the driveway. The freight driver will not be responsible for removing your door from packaging or carrying your door to any other areas of the home. You or your representative will need to be present at time of delivery to receive the shipment.

What will I need once the shipment arrives?
The crate is very heavy and will require mechanical means to move or unload it, such as a hydraulic lift, hand pallet truck.

Is there a quality control process for 1st Impression Ironworks doors?
All iron security products undergo a rigorous 5 point quality control inspection to ensure that welds, powder coat finish, hardware and glass or wood meet our manufacturing excellence standards.

How do I measure the opening at my home for an Iron Door?
Our security doors are measured from the outside of the home for height from the stoop to the interior of the trim or stucco and for the width from the inner edge of the trim or stucco to the inner edge of the trim or stucco.

Our Iron Entry Doors are measured from the inside of the home for height from the stoop or flooring to the top of the jamb and for the width from the jamb width

Your design consult will walk you through the entire measuring process during your FREE Design Consultation.

Can you Install door for me?
We design, build and ship your door to your location. If you are not a licensed contractor, then we recommend hiring a licensed contractor for assistance.

Do you have an installation guide you can provide?
Yes. Every product purchased from FII will have a set of installation instructions included.

How many people do you typically need to install the iron doors?
We recommend at least 2 people for your installation, as iron doors are heavy.

Do you have any videos showing an installation?
Yes we do. We have videos on how to install your iron door.

What is a low-e glass?
Low-e is a coating added to glass to reduce Ultraviolet (UV) light. The Low E option helps reduce the impact of both solar and thermal impacts such as UV damage and heat.

What is the thickness of the glass that you use on your doors?
Security screen door glass is 3/16”-1/4” single pane. Iron Entry Door ¾” overall dual pane glass.

What type of glass do you use?
We use single pane tempered glass for security doors and dual pane tempered glass for iron entry doors.

What is tempered glass?
Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken. This is important, because it can greatly minimize potential danger in the case of a break. Tempered glass provides additional safety and reduces change or injury due to accidental glass breakage.

What is a dual pane glass?
Dual pane glass is 2 pieces of glass with space between and sealed with rubber in order to minimize heat and/or cold transfer.

What glass choices do you have?
We have both clear glass options as well as patterned glass to offer more privacy.

What type of hardware options do you have?
With our Security doors you can choose either Kwikset of Schlage 2 piece lock and lever or an Iron Handle.

With our Iron Entry doors you can choose an Iron handle included with a Kwikset or Schlage lock.

Is the jamb included with the door order?
Yes. Jambs are included for all of our iron entry doors. Mounting frames are included for a security door.

What gauge materials are used for the door and jamb?
14 Gauge American Made Steel is used for all our doors

How is the jamb insulated?
Polyurethane foam core is filled in the jamb for greater insulation.

Is the threshold included with the order?
Yes. A threshold is included with all iron doors.

What type of hinges do you use?
Bullet hinges with grease fittings come welded on jamb and door. This provided better security and longevity of our strong iron products.

What do your doors cost?
Our doors are all custom built to the dimensions of your home’s opening, so a FREE Design and Quote will yield your exact cost. We have doors to fit most any style and budget.

What if I get the door and it is damaged?
If your door is damaged, you can reach out to our customer care department open 24/7 for assistance. They may ask for you to take a picture and will make an evaluation if replacement, repair or modification is needed and will work with the shipping carrier if needed.

How long will it take to get my door once ordered?
We have the fastest turn time in the industry for custom built designs. Our security doors take approximately 3-4 weeks after CAD approval to build plus shipping time and our Iron Entry Doors take 4-8 weeks to build after CAD approval plus shipping time.

Where are the doors made and why should I be concerned about imported doors?
We build our doors in Gilbert, Arizona from American sourced steel. We are proud to provide a custom American made product. You have to be careful when selecting a door as imported doors may not use the same quality steel or powder coat which will impact the longevity and cause potential rusting of your product. Our doors are built to last.

How long will your doors last?
If properly maintained, an iron door will last for the lifetime of your home.

Do you have a customer care department?
Yes- we have a 24/7 customer care department to address any of your needs.