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26 Jan

Forge It Like It’s Hot: Making Your Iron Door

Imagine the front door to your home isn’t just a door, but the guardian of your castle: impenetrable, beautiful and durable. We’re talking about the superhero of doors: the Iron Entry Door! It’s not just a slab of metal; it’s your home’s knight in shining armor.

Ever wondered what makes Iron Entry Doors so rock-solid? The artisans who hand-forge these beauties are like sculptors crafting a masterpiece, but instead of marble, their stock in trade is steel.

These expertly crafted doors are like the Hercules of the entrance world. Try damaging them over time? Good luck! Forces of nature like wind, fire, and water? Pfft! These doors will keep your home cozy and safe, no matter what Mother Nature – or even human beings – throw at them.

Iron Doors 101

First, let’s dive into the epic battle of Iron Security Doors vs. Iron Entry Doors. The former is like a superhero suit for your existing door, enhancing security in style. The latter, a heavyweight champion, replaces your existing door with heavy 12-gauge iron, complete with fancy glass inserts and removable screens.

A Few Parts of Our Iron Entry Doors That Make Them Different:

Our Iron Doors are a symphony of parts working together:

  1. Doorframe – Our Iron Entry Doors boast a robust 12-gauge steel core with foam insulation. No other Iron Door company can boast of this combination of structural integrity and energy efficiency. It’s the backbone of your entryway, ensuring your home stays cozy and efficient.
  2. 7” Bullet Hinges – Ever wondered what could hold the weight of a grand piano? Look no further than our 7-inch bullet hinges – the muscle behind our Iron Entry Doors! Three of these powerhouses team up to carry a whopping thousand pounds. And they’re lubricated and fitted with grease fittings for a future of smooth swinging. Our glass frame hinges are miniature versions with the same power-packed features. We don’t compromise, even on the small details.
  3. Weatherstripping – This is the unsung hero in the battle against drafts and creepy crawlies. It hugs your door with a tight seal as it closes and works in conjunction with our multilayer rain guard door sweep. Not only does it keep the Arizona dust and critters at bay, but it’s also ready for that grand 1-inch rain spectacle we get annually.
  4. Powder Coating – Now, let’s add some pizzazz! After phosphate wash and pre-baking in our 400-degree ovens, your Iron door is ready for the magic of powder coating. You choose the color and the finish: no peeling, no cracking, no running! Most other companies use automobile liquid paint and primer as their color and finish. Our colors are as steadfast as your home’s first line of defense.

Are you ready to make your Iron Door the centerpiece of your home’s entryway? Give us a call at 844-476-6100 and let the magic begin!