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06 Oct

How Long Does An Iron Door Last?

When manufactured correctly, and then properly maintained, your iron door should never need replacing. Ever. It should last a lifetime!

So how do you know if your Iron Door has been “manufactured correctly”? And exactly what do you have to do to ensure that your door is “properly maintained”? Here’s the simple and straight-forward answers to these common questions.

What Does it Mean for an Iron Door to be “Manufactured Correctly”?

First, make sure that your iron door is a 100% American Made Steel product. A lot of local companies that will sell you an iron door or gate will say they are “Locally Designed” or “Installed by Local Experts”. Here’s what they may not say: “100% American Made Steel Product”. You should ask “Where will my Door or Gate be made?” Make sure you’re getting not only a ‘locally’ designed door or gate, but that it’s not being ordered from a factory in China.

All 1st Impression Ironworks custom iron products are 14-gauge steel (thicker than the 16-gauge variety that’s common among our competitors) plus 1st Impression’s Standard 2” and 3” steel frames provide a much better value in adding beauty and security to your home.

Your custom iron products should be powder coated and not merely painted. When applied to steel, powder coating provides a durable, high quality, long-lasting finish. We actually bake this finish on to the steel’s surface in a 400-degree oven, offering superior protection and longevity compared to simply applying a coat of paint. Paint will also have a tendency to chip, peel and crack in very short order when exposed to high temperatures and high wind environments. We have a full-service powder coating facility on our site, ensuring all of our products receive the highest quality finish.

1st Impression Ironworks is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We are registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors under ROC #s 318583 and 318584. This allows us to safely and professionally manufacture and install your custom iron product. Any Company that doesn’t proudly display and share their license information with you may have something to hide in terms of shoddy materials, workmanship, or warranty coverage.

First Impression Ironworks installer unloading a Iron Entry Door off of a First Impression Ironworks van

1st Impression’s Ironclad Warranty and Care Protection Plan is included with every purchase. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the structural integrity of our product’s hand-crafted welds to ensure years of enjoyment for your investment. We’ve been serving Arizona homeowners with custom iron products for nearly 30 years, so we take seriously our commitment to First Class Products, Care, and Service. We stand behind our products.

How Can I Properly Maintain My Iron Door?

Iron Doors are naturally exposed to the harsh sun, wind, and moisture. At the same time, the locks, hinges, and other components of your doors will be subject to wear and tear from normal use over the years. Taking care of your iron door is really very easy, so we recommend that you refer to the Care and Maintenance Checklist that our Customer Care provides to each and every one of our customers.

Since proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your iron door, check out one of our past blogs for additional cleaning tips: Spring Cleaning Hacks for Home and Family Safety

We also have a reel on Instagram that shows you how to clean your iron door.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on an Iron Door?

Finally, what single home improvement will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Iron doors, of course! In fact, iron doors have been known to return approximately 101.8% of their initial investment upon resales. That means you’ll actually get more back than you spent on the door itself when the time comes to sell.

Let 1st Impression Ironworks custom design a worry-free iron door for you that fits your style and budget. Browse our photo gallery or give us a call at 844-476-6100. We look forward to providing a home improvement project that will not only last a lifetime, but also adds beauty and value to your home.